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    As a conscious, sober and reasonable investor, the Company has been playing a leading role in the industrial development and has made active contribution. It propels the development of indigenous wind turbine industry by taking the responsibility and risks in the tied bids of indigenous wind turbines and in construction of experimental wind fields for indigenous wind turbines during the early development of the business in the country, impels the growth and prosperity of the whole industry and wins universal respect of the trade.
In June, 2012, phase 1 to phase 4 of the river mouth project passed the review of China Electric Power Construction Association (CEPCA) for industry outstanding project and was granted “China Power High Quality Project Award”. Phase1 and 2 of the Xinjiang Santanghu 2×49.5MW project was assessed 2012 annual “China Power High Quality Project Award”. 
In total, 5 projects were granted “China Power High Quality Project Award”. They are listed as follows: Huaneng Tongliao Zhurihe 1st 147MW wind plant project; phase 1 of Huaneng Laoting 49.5MW wind plant project; Huaneng Changyi 1st 49.5MW wind plant project ; Huaneng Inner Mongolia Horqin Right Middle Banner Gaoliban 49.5MW wind plant project; and phase 1 to phase 3 of Huaneng Fuxin wind plant project(500MW).
Huaneng Tongliao Baolongshan wind plant project (148.5MW) got the 2010 annual “China Power High Quality Project Award”.
Phase 2 of HNEEP-CLP Weihai wind power project won the 2009 annual “China Power High Quality Project Award”. It was found out in the selection process that wind power project of Huaneng Renewables excelled in the aspects like construction management, project quality and investment efficiency, thus this enterprise received wide acclaim and became a wind power company that won the most high-quality projects in that field. 
Again, phase 1 of HNEEP-CLP Weihai wind power project won both “China Power High Quality Project Award” and “National High Quality Project silver medal”.
HNEEP-CLP Changdao 27.2MW wind power project was awarded 2007 annual “China Power High Quality Project”. 

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